Jose Antonio Vargas Arrested in Texas

Jose Antonio Vargas, was arrested today while trying to board an aircraft at McAllen airport in Texas.  The immigrant activist has been residing in the United States without any documentation, and has continuously challenged authorities to arrest and deport him.

Today Vargas got half his wish.

Part-time "pseudo-journalist", "full-time illegal alien", Jose Antonio Vargasu in handcuffs

Part-time “pseudo-journalist”, “full-time illegal alien”

Vargas intentionally challenged Homeland Security officials at the airport checkpoint.

Vargas allies @DefineAmerican & @MAC_UTPA were pre-positioned to capture and promote the publicity stunt

Someone forgot to tell Jose that carrying a pocket copy of the Constitution is not universally considered proper documentation.

Hopefully his next tweet will originate from somewhere in the Phillippines, but somehow I doubt it.  Am sure Obama lawyers are jetting to his rescue as I type.


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