The #ReadyForWarren Hourly Poll

The effort to propel Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren toward the 2016 Democratic nomination is finally under way.  After months of effort, the site launched yesterday with a coordinated effort on Twitter.  To demonstrate the widespread national support already secured by the legislator from ‘The Codfish State’, the campaign aggressively promoted the launch.


“I Iz Blogging” took advantage of this monumental occasion to document Warren’s inevitable march to the White House as the TwitterVerse weighed in.  For six hours, we tracked the number of tweets to the advertised hashtag #ReadyForWarren.  The results were more than encouraging!

graph (4)

Results were published hourly on the #ReadyForWarren hashtag


Hour One

Hour Two

Hour Three

Hour Four

Hour Five

Hour Six


Despite blowback from #ReadyForClinton supporters, who accused the Warren people of tweeting more than once, Ready For Warren organizers are eagerly anticipating the campaign’s next boost, when Warren’s autobiography, “Marred Choices” hits bookshelves in September.

on shelves soon

“on store shelves soon”


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