Michelle Nunn Eyeballs Sarah Palin

July 24th, 2014 • iizthatiiz

The Democratic nominee for the Georgia Senate seat has a Palin crush, or so it would seem by looking at the history of her spectacles. The daughter of former Senator Sam Nunn, adopted the patented Palin rimless eye-wear a few years ago.



Above, we see Nunn in earlier days emulating the former Alaska Governors “trademarked” lenses, right down to the extremely thin ‘eyeglass temple’.


Yup, it has a name.  It’s called a temple.


When Palin changed to a slightly more durable design, with a thicker “temple”, Michelle made the style switch as well.



 Nunn surely has “the look” duplicated.  Whether she’ll ever be able to adopt Palin’s common sense solutions is much less certain.



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