Ben Carson is “Like Moses” ??

November 9th, 2014 • iizthatiiz

Dr. Ben Carson is Moses?  This was very unexpected news.  Here I had spent much of the past few months believing that actor Christian Bale was the new ‘Moses’ after previewing the trailer for director Ridley Scott’s upcoming bible epic.  But according to Ben Carson booster Armstrong Williams, it is the good doctor who was born to take up the mantle of the Hebrew prophet. Ben_Carson_Moses_Final_Feature_460x260
Breitbart_Headline Armstrong Williams is the producer of the new documentary, “Breath of Fresh Air”, a film chronicling the life of conservative touchstone Dr. Ben Carson.  Williams is a true believer .. “it’s like watching the Ten Commandments, watching Moses when he found out what God had for him”, Williams told Breitbart News referring to Carson.

As respected as Carson is in many conservative circles, for William’s to analogize Carson to ‘Moses’ seems more than a bit exuberant.  Carson has been a steady force educating the greater public as to the overt dangers of ObamaCare.  He has an illustrious past as a neurosurgeon, and is the author of several faith-based books.  Moses was ‘The Lawgiver’.

There is some distance between those who quietly inspire and those who lead.  As Carson himself states in the film, he wishes that “someone else more qualified than himself would enter the political stage and run.”

With the first Republican debate scheduled a scant ten months away, Dr. Carson has a short window to part ‘some body of water‘ and herald himself to the masses.  With the ten plagues Obama has unleashed upon the nation, frogs and locusts are the least of our concerns.  The tenth plague however is a doozy, slaying of the firstborn.  Fortuitously, Carson does have older brother Curtis at the head of the family line. Ben_Carson_parting_the_seas

Even if Carson corralled 75% of the ‘Huck’ vote he’d still only be an ‘uck’

If Carson runs, he will run chasing Mike Huckabee’s 2008 primary voters. Who knows, he might even earn a weekend Fox News slot out of the effort.  2016 won’t be anything like the  2012 primaries where Huck-like candidate Rick Santorum squeezed out a short-lived victory in Iowa.  In 2012, the battle-cry was ABR (Anybody But Romney) as conservatives bounced from Rick Santorum to Herman Cain to Newt Gingrich in an effort to derail the establishment’s presumption of Mitt.  Expect much stronger conservatives to challenge 2016’s D.C. choice than second tier candidates such as Michelle Bachmann and the other ilk that threw their hats in last go-round.

Carson is a good and decent man, but will always be a one issue candidate who at best will inject ObamaCare further into the national debate, and that’s not a bad thing at all.  Despite the new Republican majority in the Senate, the bulk of the Affordable Care Act will remain as statute throughout the upcoming presidential primaries.  Whatever intellectual ammunition Carson can present to the electorate will be much appreciated by weightier candidates.  But Ben Carson is not presidential timber.  While more than fit to inform the public on the intricacies of the health care debate, the weight of the world was not meant for his shoulders. Atlas

Armstrong Williams has surely produced a fine biographical documentary on Dr. Ben Carson. “Breath of Fresh Air” will likely resound approvingly with those who view it, and I encourage all with that opportunity to do so.

While 2016 will undoubtedly not usher in the ‘Age of Carson’, Ben still has a long future ahead of him. After all, Moses lived to the ripe age of 120.

“There Can Be Only One” (apologies to Sean Connery)



2 thoughts on “Ben Carson is “Like Moses” ??

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  2. This whole article is based on a false premise! Williams never said that Carson was ‘like Moses’ in any way. He merely stated that watching Carson become energized and refreshed as he worked to find ways to help improve America after deciding to take a serious look at running for president, reminded him of watching the Ten Commandments and watching Moses transform into a strong leader. Carson would not be my first choice as the GOP candidate for president, but I could certainly vote for him if the majority chose him as the nominee. If people keeping jumping on headlines instead of actually reading the article for content, we are never going to be able to unite behind any candidate. Carson is quite well qualified to run the country. In fact, perhaps what we need IS someone outside the political arena to take a fresh look at the system. Carson has more experience in the real world and in the medical world, than any of our recent past presidents and that is not a bad thing!


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