President Obama Sabotages Hillary’s 2016 Ambitions

November 24th, 2014 • iizthatiiz

President Obama could only have been referring to Hillary Clinton when he said this weekend that in 2016 Americans will be looking for a candidate who has “that new car smell”, and doesn’t have too “much mileage.”

President Obama Sabotages Hillary's 2016 Ambitions_460x260The President obviously believes that Hillary has worn out her welcome with voters.  He has reasons to be concerned.  Clinton has been in public focus for over twenty years and has nothing to show for it.

As First Lady, she is mostly remembered for the disastrous effort to impose Hillary-Care onto America’s health system.  No accomplishments or signature legislation to boast of from her eight years in the U.S. Senate.  As Secretary of State she watched the world catch fire, with regional conflicts, wars, and Islamic terrorism on the rise at unprecedented rates.  Her tenure is marked by a trail of death and destruction.

The effort to rehabilitate her image with last summers book tour was a public relations disaster, committing gaffe after gaffe with friendly media.  When MSNBC is talking about “Hillary Fatigue”, things are not going well.

Clinton will also face subpoena’s early in 2015 forcing testimony before the House Select Committee on Benghazi.  There will be no executive privileges surrounding her appearance this time.

Almost everything is stacked against Hillary for 2016.  The electorate just handed Democrats their hat in the mid-term elections.  There is an incumbent Democratic president who is hostile toward her nomination.  She has no public record to run on, and is desperately in need of some reason to justify her run for office.  With all these serious obstacles blocking her path to the White House, why would she even risk a run?

Whatever one’s opinion is of the Clintons, they are savvy political animals who can read the writing on the wall.  Hillary won’t walk into a campaign knowing that even if she survives the primary process (and there will be challengers), that there is still an electorate waiting for her in the general election still angry with the broken promises, lies, and deceptions of the Obama administration.  An administration that she is irrevocably tied to.

Rest assured there are serious divisions within the Democratic party opposed to a Clinton nomination.  This is why President Obama didn’t just throw Hillary under the bus.  He backed the bus up and spun the wheels over her worn out public image.

While most everyone believes that Hillary Clinton’s run for the presidency is a foregone conclusion, there is a very significant possibility that she will opt out, and decide to enjoy many of the other fruits available to her.  Opportunities that will be lost to her should she run and lose.



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