The Moon Is A Planet !!

January 16th, 2015 • iizthatiiz

Budding astronomers take heed. The QVC cable shopping channel may not be your best source for celestial lessons.  During a recent sales pitch, both fashion designer Isaac Mizrahi and QVC host Shawn Killinger compared his blouse print to what the Earth looks like from the ‘planet Moon’.

01-16-15_QVC_Fashion_Scientist_Declares_The_Moon_Is_A_Planet_MODELKillinger quickly backtracked saying, “Isn’t the Moon a star?”  Mizrahi insisted on correcting her, “No, the Moon is a planet, darling”, backing up his hypothesis by pointing out that the Moon is not a baseball, nor made out of cheese, summarizing that it must be a planet as “people live on it.”

In total dismay, Carl Sagan reacted by re-scattering his ashes into the deep voids of space, while Joan Rivers announced from the hereafter her new show, “Fashion Scientists”.

Enjoy the luna-cee:




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