Jim Croce would have turned 75 years old today

Success did not come quickly for James Joseph Croce, but from the viewpoint of the American public, his career began and ended in the blink of an eye.


Sgt. Pepper turns 50

“It was ‘fifty’ years ago today” …
“Sgt. Pepper taught the band to play”

Rolling Stones Drummer Charlie Watts Turns 75

  Charlie Watts Turns 75 Today   Since shortly after their inception in 1962, Charlie Watts has steadily provided the heartbeat of the Rolling Stones for over fifty years. Watts’ parents gave him his first drum kit in 1955; he was interested in jazz, and would practice drumming along with jazz records he collected. After completing…


Proud To Be A Rebel • Tomi Lahren • UNLV

“Some university presidents bow down to college kids, not my alma mater.” – Tomi Lahren


Republican Field Down To Four Viable Candidates

A new survey of voters from Quinnipiac shows only 4 candidates in double digits, with the remaining 11 candidates far behind the leaders with 4% or less


Remembering Yogi Berra • An American Life

For reasons no one can quite explain, Yogi Berra touched the lives of millions.


Samsung’s New $100 Million Hard Drive!

Samsung has unveiled the world’s largest computer hard drive and it’s a whopper!