Hillary Clinton Announces Presidential Run On Saturday Night Live

Saturday Night Live laid waste to Hillary Clinton’s plans to announce her presidential bid with a Hillary announcement of their own.


Obama Aligning U.S. Interests With Iran

President Barack Obama is shifting U.S. foreign interests away from traditional allies such as Egypt, Israel, and Saudi Arabia, and realigning Middle East policy with Iran.

Greg Gutfeld Sorts Out The Social Media Strife Over American Sniper

Attention whore Alec Baldwin jumped into the social media-verse, slamming actor Dean Cain, for slamming Seth Rogen, who slammed the film American Sniper.


Obama Administration Employs Guitar Diplomacy To Combat Global Terrorism

The Obama administration sent folksinger James Taylor along with Secretary of State John Kerry to Paris to serenade the French in the wake of recent Islamic terror attacks


Taya Kyle Reacts to the Film ‘American Sniper’ • Chris Kyle

Taya Kyle shares her thoughts and reactions to the film ‘American Sniper’


Even An Über Liberal Progressive Atheist Can Be Useful

Bill Maher shared his thoughts on the Islamic terror attack in France. Treading where most progressives fear to go, Maher told the audience that “Hundreds of millions” of Muslims “support an attack like this.”


Former NYPD Police Commissioner Bernie Kerik: Mayor De Blasio & Al Sharpton Have Blood On Their Hands • Judge Jeanine

Former New York City Police Commissioner Bernie Kerik laid blame for the shooting death of two NYC police officers on Mayor Bill De Blasio and Al Sharpton.